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Agent Charlie
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My Guest Page

Mew are a good agent! We know mew keep da woods safe under mewr command.
Bootsy, Indy, and Tyke

From the Rescue Ranch Boyz
Agent Charlie, you iz the best and a gud furriend uf us guyz. Weez haff a lot uf fun witt you at Paddys, drinkin dat nipz an sleepin unfur da tables.
Ferny likes to bake stuff fur you to eet when you be out in da woods!
We bisits yur paje often.
Yur pals,
Fernando, Davy, Dorian Gray, Bruce and Sheik Ollie Babble
Hay Charlie, what a great web page.  Thanks fur inviting us, we luff to visit our furriends.  We efen brought donuts, mewhehe.  Hope you can help us wiff all these.
E.T. & Ginger
I feels really safe knowing dat yu are an Agent.  If I gets scared I ken juss call yu and yu will come save me.  Not only are yu an Agent but yu are polite and nice.  Meowmie approves of my haffing yu fur a fren.
Yur Pal, Freya

Mew Mew Charlie,
Mew gotz a wonderfur page here and I sure enjoyed
my bisit!  Great job and I lubbed lukking at mew
Tomzrule page and mew page fur mew sweet wink
Amber Smoke.  Mew da man, dude!
Bonks from mew budz,

  Hey dere Charlie. Mew sure has a gweat site here. I is honored to habe mew as our fearless leader of the woods patrol. I has learned much from mew on how to keep dem pestifurous gurls outta da clubs. Mew beez a fine bud. I always looks forward to our full moon patrols, and our celebrating afterwards down at Paddys.  Eben doh sometimes it hard to find mine way home after all da nipz.
Mew bud, Shamus






Neffur fear, Agent 0002 iz here!